I have 3 projects I am working on. Two are Women’s Fiction and one is a Mystery.

The first, the one I am sending queries out for is about a Medium and is a Mystery series. Book One, Premedicated Murder, is about a Pharmaceutical Executive who is murdered. His death was ruled a lab accident but he doesn’t accept that this is his fate. He feels that he was murdered. However, without a voice, he must enlist the help of the only person that can see him, Joanna Webber the medium with a heart.

Throughout Book One, I left clues and themes to be carried forward to the next book and possible more. I have a love interest in book one, but I don’t let them get together yet. In Book two, there will be more romance.

My other project is Women’s Fiction series that takes in a small, fictional town. I have written two books so far and have outlines/plots for around 15 more stories. My idea is that it highlights the stories, struggles and strength of everyday women.

The first book, Mandy’s Story, is about a 17/18 year old woman who was born to a teen mom. Her mother is kicked out of her house when she tells her parents. To survive, she must do things she is not proud of and turns to drinking to dull the pain and memories. This leads her to abusive behavior towards Mandy. When Mandy is a teen, her mother has two more children which Becca/Mama doesn’t take care of so it is Mandy’s responsibility to take care of them or they will suffer the same abuse and neglect that Mandy did. She builds a cleaning business to support herself and her siblings.

This is all the background, but the story opens later in the timeline. Mandy comes home from work to a mess and her mother drunk again, as she is preparing dinner, Little Davy breaks Mama’s glass and she grabs him, screaming at him. Mandy stands up to her mother on behalf of her little brother. It kicks off a series of events that take Mandy on a journey through finding who she is without her mother. She builds her business, finds love and more.

Book two is Becca’s story. It is after Mandy’s story, Becca/Mama was in a horrible crash and relationship in Book one, the book is her trying to cope with not drinking and find out who she is in this new World. She finds purpose and reconnects with her first love. She learns who her kids are after not really knowing them. This story proves there are true people behind mental health issues and addictions.

Book three is still in the works, but it is about their neighbor, Caroline Graham. It goes back in time and talks about her lost love, her drive in business and how she becomes who she is in modern time.

As I said, I have many more stories for this series. Everyone has a story and all deserves to have their story told.

My final project is a mental health series. The series would highlight a mental health issue and show the person behind the illness. I have been working on book one, but haven’t gotten far in it. I think maybe about halfway.

I am excited about each one of my projects and love my characters. I know everything about them. They area always talking to me. I wish I could dedicate more time to them, but I’ll get there.

Reaching for my dream

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a writer. I wrote my first two “books” at the 8 years old. The first about a swan and the second about a hamster.

Self-published with a staple binding and hand illustrated by me. My mother has kept the one of a kind books all these years.

Over the years I wrote numerous short stories and poems. I have also made attempts at books, but never could break through the writer’s block and develop to the end. I have a box in the attic with those attempts and notes for others.

When I started writing Mandy’s Story, I had a different experience. I could almost hear the characters telling me the story. The words and ideas flowed easily. I had a clear plan from start to finish, and I loved the story.

Then, I wrote Becca’s Story with the same basic ease. It is the story of Mandy’s mother and would be the second book in my series.

I have a third one in the series about half written. I haven’t finished it and won’t for a while. The story is more difficult, but I know how and where I want it to go. This one will be Caroline’s Story. It is the story of their neighbor.

I have roughly 15 more ideas for stories in this Glenn Lake series. I just haven’t written more at this time and after a number of rejections of Mandy’s story, I have decided to back up and punt… meaning I am going to rewrite it. I have already cut out the first 3 chapters. The story started with a flashback to her early days, but I am going to find natural places to add flashbacks or the bits of information about Mandy within the rest of the story/timeline.

I have a couple of other books in various states of completeness, but none I am going to discuss at this time. One series could be really awesome.

My most current one, the one I am the proudest of, is a mystery series about a medium. I have already started querying agents. I think this could be someone’s favorite book someday.

My goal is to be a working writer, tell my stories, and share my love of reading with others through my characters. It has been a goal for all my life, and I am finally reaching for it and am so close I can feel it.

Thanks for your support.

For a Reaction

When I was in High school, I had this one good friend that I spent a lot of time with. However, her mother didn’t like me. I didn’t know that at first but when my friend did tell me and that she wasn’t allowed to be friends with me any longer, the reason she gave has kind of haunted me since. 30-ish years of dwelling on this one line.

“You say things for a reaction”

What? It was meant in a negative way. It made me stop and think about what I said, not 100% of the time, I do suffer from foot in mouth disease and tend to make things awkward, but overall I started to really think before I spoke and thought about the audience I was saying those things too.

However, over the years, I realized this isn’t a bad thing. Her mother might have thought it was, but it is who I am.

Growing up my family and I would try to make each other laugh. One liners, cheesy jokes, and goofy behavior were the norm at our supper table.

I remember years ago, my mom, my youngest brother and I feeding off of each other and cracking my SIL up with our humor. It is how we roll.

I think this is why I like writing. I can make my “reaction” to a bigger audience.

I used to a write a blog about being a single mom. I started it after my divorce and needed a place to process. I realized I liked when people did react to things I wrote.

Now that I have written a couple of (yet to be published) books, I can’t wait for the reaction to them when they are published!

About me

When I was a little girl, I would have trouble sleeping. My parents told me to tell myself nice stories. I had posters and pictures of animals on my walls, so they suggested starting with those, making up happy stories about them. That started my love of storytelling. I still will make up stories for myself when I have trouble sleeping; I have done it my entire life.

It is something I have turned to when life has been tough and I have had a hard time processing my current situation. For example in 2006 when I was going through my divorce, I was struggling with my feelings. I started a blog. It was a great place to get all my feelings out and practice writing.

Over the years, I have a number of starts and stops with trying to write a book. I have never been able to fully develop one start to finish. That was until 2016.

The idea of the Glenn Lake Series started with a dream. The dream was the basis for my first book, lovingly nicknamed Mandy’s story but final name is pending. It took me a month or so to decide to try to write it out and make it into a full story/book. The characters were almost telling me their stories, the words flowed out perfectly and freely. It was this overwhelming need to put in words what they were telling me. Odd? I know! but I think it helped with finishing.

I have finished the second book in that series and have several more in the works. However, I switched gears in early 2018 to a new story and new genre, mystery. That was a fun project and I can call that story complete: Premedicated Murder.

I am a wife, mom to 3, grandma (“Gigi”) to 3. I have 3 dogs, 5 tortoises and a crested gecko. I work in IT as my day job. I enjoy creative, artistic hobbies.

My only wish is that I could dedicate more time to writing. I don’t get to work every day but that’s okay, I will get there. Thank you for finding me. I hope you enjoy my page and someday my books