Reaching for my dream

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a writer. I wrote my first two “books” at the 8 years old. The first about a swan and the second about a hamster.

Self-published with a staple binding and hand illustrated by me. My mother has kept the one of a kind books all these years.

Over the years I wrote numerous short stories and poems. I have also made attempts at books, but never could break through the writer’s block and develop to the end. I have a box in the attic with those attempts and notes for others.

When I started writing Mandy’s Story, I had a different experience. I could almost hear the characters telling me the story. The words and ideas flowed easily. I had a clear plan from start to finish, and I loved the story.

Then, I wrote Becca’s Story with the same basic ease. It is the story of Mandy’s mother and would be the second book in my series.

I have a third one in the series about half written. I haven’t finished it and won’t for a while. The story is more difficult, but I know how and where I want it to go. This one will be Caroline’s Story. It is the story of their neighbor.

I have roughly 15 more ideas for stories in this Glenn Lake series. I just haven’t written more at this time and after a number of rejections of Mandy’s story, I have decided to back up and punt… meaning I am going to rewrite it. I have already cut out the first 3 chapters. The story started with a flashback to her early days, but I am going to find natural places to add flashbacks or the bits of information about Mandy within the rest of the story/timeline.

I have a couple of other books in various states of completeness, but none I am going to discuss at this time. One series could be really awesome.

My most current one, the one I am the proudest of, is a mystery series about a medium. I have already started querying agents. I think this could be someone’s favorite book someday.

My goal is to be a working writer, tell my stories, and share my love of reading with others through my characters. It has been a goal for all my life, and I am finally reaching for it and am so close I can feel it.

Thanks for your support.

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