Finding Herself Series

In the Finding Herself Series, we travel to the (fictional) small town of Glenn Lake, Tx. Here we will meet the residents, and they will share their stories with you. Stories of survival, strength, loss, and love. Friendships will form, be tested, and grow stronger. Families will break apart, others will expand, grow, and learn together what it means to be family.

Grab a box of tissues and a cup of tea, then join the Glenn Lake residents as they share little pieces of their lives with you.

Mandy’s Story: Courage

Mandy has been neglected and abused for years by the one person who should love her most: her mother. One night push comes to shove, literally, and she is now in charge of her own life and that of her siblings for the first time. She’s petrified and elated at the same time. 

But life isn’t fair, and Mandy must fight to keep her family together.

Thanks to good friends who have her back and encourage her, she digs deep to find the courage she needs to fight for her siblings and value herself, and possibly find her first love.

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Becca’s Story: Purpose

Becca never felt like she had a purpose. As a child, she was to be quiet and obedient, the perfect accessory to her perfect upper-middle class family. She never felt loved.

When she became pregnant at a young age, she soon learned a harsh reality, life sucks. She struggled to be everything to her daughter but with so many obstacles, she soon gave in and spiraled. She neglected her daughter, life, herself.

That is until a car accident, and her ex-boyfriend, nearly took her life. It was the wakeup call she needed. Now in her 30s with three children, she tries to find a purpose in life. Reuniting with her oldest daughter’s father and her one true love pushes her to face many demons and her limits. Can she do the work it takes to finally reach her goals and find her place?

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Caroline’s Story: Serenity

Caroline was once a young, happily in-love woman. The world was full of hope and prospects. She had the love of her life, rose-colored glasses, and bright possibilities in a new city.

Until a war steals her joy and her future. Rather than wallow, much, she throws herself into work, trying to find peace and answers through helping others in ways she couldn’t help herself.

But the hits keep coming, driving a wedge that has her looking outside of her comfort zone for the tranquility and future she had hoped to find once upon a time with Walter. That’s what leads her to Glenn Lake. A small town full of hope, new friends, and most of all, the serenity that she has been looking for. She learns that happily ever after comes in many forms.

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Future Stories in this series:

These are working titles and the final may change slightly. No release date has been finalized yet.

Kate’s Story: Survival

Frannie’s Story: Revitalize

Ashley’s Story: Tenacity

Claire’s Story: Trust

Mary’s Story: Acceptance

Joyce’s Story: Perseverance

Emma’s Story: Growth

Valerie’s Story: Resilience

Steph’s Story: Creation

Rosa’s Story: Letting Go

Denise Anne’s Story: Hope

Laura’s Story: Pause