Glenn Lake Series

Everyone has a story. The residents of Glenn Lake are here to share with you their stories of life, love, loss and laughter.

Mandy’s Story

Hi. My name is Mandy, and I’d like to welcome you to my little piece of the World. It’s called Glenn Lake. It’s just you’re typical small-town USA.

I was born to a young mother who struggled to raise me in an unforgiving place, and when she finally broke, I had to take over my care and learn to survive.

Taking care of myself wasn’t all that hard. I found odd jobs and learned to cope, but then in my early teens, two innocent babies were added to the mix. I instantly loved my siblings, and quickly took on the mother role.

But one night, push came to shove, literally, and I had had enough. That is when my once small World got a whole lot bigger, and I took complete control.

This is my story of survival, raising my siblings, and how I found the power inside me.

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Becca’s Story

Hi. My name is Becca. I’ve lived in Glenn Lake nearly my entire life. I’m the mother of three wonderful children, but I didn’t always enjoy that title. I used to think of it as my prison for all the awful things I did. Until one night my life changed and everything, I loved was nearly gone from me, or at least I was going to be gone.

If not for my amazing daughter, Mandy, I don’t know if I would be here to tell my story. And what’s my story? It’s one of finding purpose and forgiveness, getting a second chance at being a mother and finding my way back to my true love.

Come have a seat. I’ll fix you a cup of tea and cut you a big slice of my famous banana bread while you listen to my tale.

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Caroline’s Story

Hello, dear. My name is Caroline Graham. I’m originally from Virginia, but I found my way here to Glenn Lake to live near my good friends, the Daileys.

I’m going to take you back to my life before Glenn Lake. To tell you about the person I once was and how I grew to be the person who fights for the little guy or gal.

It’s not an easy story for me to tell as I’ve had lots of losses in my 70+ years on this planet. But as my mother once told me I would, I found my hope, my purpose, and the meaning in all the loss. It just took some time and patience to get here. Come sit by me and we’ll flip through my photo albums of the past as I tell you my story.

Coming late September 2021