Other Books

For all the standalone books, this will be a dedicated page. I have several planned for 2023, so I will try to get it updated as I have them available. I can’t seem to stay in one genre box, so this will be a mix of all the things. I hope you’ll stick with me even if you aren’t a fan of everything. Enjoy!

The Haunting of Anna-Rose (A Paranormal Suspense Novel)

Two women, one soul spanning two different lifetimes, and one vengeful husband.

Anna-Rose thought she had met the man of her dreams. She moved across the country from her urban home to the small pioneering town of Wisteria, Texas, to be with her new husband. But soon, the dream turns into a nightmare when his anger surfaces. She now lives in fear and walks on eggshells. After he causes her to miscarry several babies, she decides enough is enough.

Lindsey is fired from her job only to come home to find her husband in the middle of leaving. He has filed for divorce. How could her day get worse? Instead of wallowing, she decides to shake up her life. She randomly picks a spot on the map. Wisteria, Texas, sounds nice. When the abandoned house has all the potential for a quaint bed and breakfast, except for one thing, an extremely angry ghost haunts it.

Journals and pictures left in the attic point to an odd coincidence. Lindsey and Anna-Rose could pass for twins, but they were born over 100 years apart. The ghost calls to Anna-Rose and seems to be mistaking Lindsey for him.

She needs to find a way to rid herself of this spirit before he ruins her growing business. Maybe the journals held an answer.

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