About me

When I was a little girl, I would have trouble sleeping. My parents told me to tell myself nice stories. I had posters and pictures of animals on my walls, so they suggested starting with those, making up happy stories about them. That started my love of storytelling. I still will make up stories for myself when I have trouble sleeping; I have done it my entire life.

It is something I have turned to when life has been tough and I have had a hard time processing my current situation. For example in 2006 when I was going through my divorce, I was struggling with my feelings. I started a blog. It was a great place to get all my feelings out and practice writing.

Over the years, I have a number of starts and stops with trying to write a book. I have never been able to fully develop one start to finish. That was until 2016.

The idea of the Glenn Lake Series started with a dream. The dream was the basis for my first book, lovingly nicknamed Mandy’s story but final name is pending. It took me a month or so to decide to try to write it out and make it into a full story/book. The characters were almost telling me their stories, the words flowed out perfectly and freely. It was this overwhelming need to put in words what they were telling me. Odd? I know! but I think it helped with finishing.

I have finished the second book in that series and have several more in the works. However, I switched gears in early 2018 to a new story and new genre, mystery. That was a fun project and I can call that story complete: Premedicated Murder.

I am a wife, mom to 3, grandma (“Gigi”) to 3. I have 3 dogs, 5 tortoises and a crested gecko. I work in IT as my day job. I enjoy creative, artistic hobbies.

My only wish is that I could dedicate more time to writing. I don’t get to work every day but that’s okay, I will get there. Thank you for finding me. I hope you enjoy my page and someday my books

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