I have 3 projects I am working on. Two are Women’s Fiction and one is a Mystery.

The first, the one I am sending queries out for is about a Medium and is a Mystery series. Book One, Premedicated Murder, is about a Pharmaceutical Executive who is murdered. His death was ruled a lab accident but he doesn’t accept that this is his fate. He feels that he was murdered. However, without a voice, he must enlist the help of the only person that can see him, Joanna Webber the medium with a heart.

Throughout Book One, I left clues and themes to be carried forward to the next book and possible more. I have a love interest in book one, but I don’t let them get together yet. In Book two, there will be more romance.

My other project is Women’s Fiction series that takes in a small, fictional town. I have written two books so far and have outlines/plots for around 15 more stories. My idea is that it highlights the stories, struggles and strength of everyday women.

The first book, Mandy’s Story, is about a 17/18 year old woman who was born to a teen mom. Her mother is kicked out of her house when she tells her parents. To survive, she must do things she is not proud of and turns to drinking to dull the pain and memories. This leads her to abusive behavior towards Mandy. When Mandy is a teen, her mother has two more children which Becca/Mama doesn’t take care of so it is Mandy’s responsibility to take care of them or they will suffer the same abuse and neglect that Mandy did. She builds a cleaning business to support herself and her siblings.

This is all the background, but the story opens later in the timeline. Mandy comes home from work to a mess and her mother drunk again, as she is preparing dinner, Little Davy breaks Mama’s glass and she grabs him, screaming at him. Mandy stands up to her mother on behalf of her little brother. It kicks off a series of events that take Mandy on a journey through finding who she is without her mother. She builds her business, finds love and more.

Book two is Becca’s story. It is after Mandy’s story, Becca/Mama was in a horrible crash and relationship in Book one, the book is her trying to cope with not drinking and find out who she is in this new World. She finds purpose and reconnects with her first love. She learns who her kids are after not really knowing them. This story proves there are true people behind mental health issues and addictions.

Book three is still in the works, but it is about their neighbor, Caroline Graham. It goes back in time and talks about her lost love, her drive in business and how she becomes who she is in modern time.

As I said, I have many more stories for this series. Everyone has a story and all deserves to have their story told.

My final project is a mental health series. The series would highlight a mental health issue and show the person behind the illness. I have been working on book one, but haven’t gotten far in it. I think maybe about halfway.

I am excited about each one of my projects and love my characters. I know everything about them. They area always talking to me. I wish I could dedicate more time to them, but I’ll get there.

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