Editing, editing and more editing

This is my life at the moment as I have recently decided to self-publish and I know my stories aren’t quite ready. I have tons of work to do to get them ready.

Mandy’s story (new name coming soon) is with an editor and I’m working on Mama’s/Becca’s story now. It is a hot mess but I’ll get it worked through and ready for the editor as well.

I have mock ups of what I think the covers will look like (or at least my idea) for both Mandy’s and Premedicated Murder. Nothing final on those yet, just a start.

So what does editing mean exactly? It means not only proofreading, but ensuring the story makes sense. Is the pacing appropriate, not too fast or too slow? Are there holes in the plot? Is it all in the same tense (my biggest issue)?

That is in addition to proofreading so needless to say I’m swamped with getting these together and ready to publish hopefully early in next year.

This blog comes in second to that for now and so I will write a few blog posts in a day to be scheduled out… and there might be gaps in those that don’t make sense, but I’ll be around and working towards my goal.

As always, thanks for your support and stay tuned!

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