Paranormal Experiences…

In February, on my Facebook page, I shared several experiences I have had in the past. One with each of my great-grandparents, two with cousins and one with a friend. I have had several more experiences though that I didn’t talk about.

When I was a child, I believed our house was haunted. Even when everyone was asleep, it was noisy with creatures moving through it. It had me creating my own story about the Monsters which years (and years) later had me yelling at the movie and creators of Monsters, Inc because it was nearly straight out of my head. Much like many of the Disney/Pixar movies were. Why? How?

Anyway, the way our house was designed, there was a door that led to what we called the hall. It was kind of foyer-like in that it was a room with doors around that led to 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. At night we closed that door which shut off the rest of the house from the bedrooms.

In my kid brain, we did it so the monsters could use the “common area” of the house, and they couldn’t access our part of the house, just as we couldn’t access their part of the house. It was their day when it was our night, and they did the same types of things we did. Go to work, school, etc…

Well also in the hall and across from my room was the attic access. There was a built in ladder on the wall and then the attic access was a plywood board that you pushed up and slid over to climb into the attic.

At night, it would lift up and these red eyes would look at me. They would laugh and then these creatures would climb out. These were not the “friendly” ones that I imagine lived in the other part of the house. These were evil and would climb down and then head to my brothers’ room.

I would hide under my teddy bear thinking they wouldn’t come in my room because they thought there was just a teddy bear in the bed, not a child.

I never told anyone about those creatures because they scared me so much and if I acknowledged them, they were real and might get me.

This meme always reminds me of that time.

Well several years ago, I was talking to my brother about our childhood house and how we thought it was haunted. Well he thought his current house was haunted too. He was telling me about some of the things going on. He goes on to say his oldest son had described to him a creature he saw in their house. I asked about it and got goosebumps as soon as he started to describe the exact ones I used to see as a child… the ones I never told anyone about!

Creepy, right?

Well a couple of weeks ago, my daughter and I were talking about paranormal stuff and I said how our previous house (that she lived in) was haunted. She agreed. I said there was a man that would come stand by my bed or try to scare me at night. He would lean down within inches from my face until I would wake up. When I would jump, he’d laugh.

She said was he big and wearing a trench coat?… Um, yeah, and had a large, round white face.

We both freaked out.

Thankfully we moved out of that house almost 5 years ago and no such trouble here. Thank goodness.

This is why I want to write paranormal. Why I have written about a medium (my experiences listed on FaceBook) and why I’ll be finishing me paranormal suspense at some point next year. I have just had too many experiences, not to share.

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