Evolution of process

Over the past several years, I have evolved my writing process. I feel like I understand researching better, sentence structure, flow and formatting. I feel like I write faster, and edit quicker.

But what hasn’t evolved is my notes. I have piles and piles of notes. Exhibit one below. My stacks of varies notes. The pen is for scale. These are just my written notes for the two series I have going plus two standalone books that I’m working on. I have more things jotted down in other places stashed around my house and purse. If I have paper, I feel the need to write.

This is something I am currently in the process of upgrading this to electronic notes. I think it will sped my process even more. (Though I’m sure I will still jot things down if the need hits me)

How am I doing it?

Well, I recently looked at Scrivener (again). The first time I looked at it, I couldn’t figure it out and I think that was because I didn’t have a good writing process or understanding of how best to lay out my stories.

Now with fresher eyes and a few published books under my belt, I tried it again. Magic. This is going to be life changing for me. I am currently working on my first project using it and it is so simple. I am still learning about all the features and things I can do.

And on the topic of evolution, I’ve been thinking a lot about it in all aspects of life so there may be more on this topic later, but for now, writing process is going well and evolving. I’ll probably do a post about that at some point as well.

Finally, whatever it is you’re reading, enjoy!

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