Social Media

A lot of advice for Indie authors is to have an online presence. Use Instagram. You should have a reader group on FaceBook. Tik Tok? Yes, do it. Twitter daily, multiple times a day. Bump those numbers. Newsletter, you should have had one yesterday with thousands of subscribes.

Well I’m here to say, I don’t disagree. BUT! If it doesn’t make sense for your journey, don’t do it.

For me, Instagram and Tik Tok don’t feel right, at least not at this point, though I’m interested. I’m just not sure if my target audiences are on those platforms or not. (Research! my favorite)

I have a Facebook page, but not a reader group. I don’t have enough readers yet. Still a work in progress. More content = more readers, right?

Then with a newsletter, how? What do I say? How often? I’ve looked at many options and what many other authors do, but I still don’t get it. Again, maybe as I get more content this will become clearer to me.

I am on Twitter, but it seems to be mostly interactions with other writers (which I do love! I have learned so much from them), I just need to figure out how to turn in my Twitter time into readers.

So what’s the point of this post? Nothing really. Me talking out loud to digest and process things I need to do and research and work on. I’ve got my eye on the prize and I’m going to keep pushing myself towards it.

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