I have been on a break from blogging for quite some time as I focused on getting published. I now join the ranks of Indie Authors everywhere.

My first to be published is a Cozy Mystery/Paranormal: Premedicated Murder. It is book one in a series. I’m thrilled with how well it is doing. I’ve gotten great comments and feedback on. I’m now actively working on book two in this series.

My next to be published is my Women’s Fiction: Mandy’s Story: A Glenn Lake Series. It was released just this week. I have the second book in this series close to being ready and I can’t wait to hear how people take to this one.

I’m hoping to have both book twos out for each series soon. The Mystery in Late Aug/early Sept and Women’s Fiction out in October. If I have time, I might get out one more book in 2020, but we shall see.

Thanks for stopping by. I am not sure how much time I will dedicate to this site, but I hope to at least post updates when I get a new book out.

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