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Learning lessons

As I mentioned, I self-published my books. I felt it was the right move for me. While I would have appreciated having an agent and then publisher pick me up (so they could help with the heavy lifting of formatting and marketing), I have really enjoyed learning the process.

There are two big lessons I’ve learned/still learning.

The first is formatting the book for publishing. KDP makes if fairly easy and gives great instructions, but still my first try was a mess. With the second, I found templates for the paperback, and it went so much smoother and my book wasn’t in review for nearly as long and it looks cleaner.

The second is one I’m still learning about: Marketing. I’ve read, researched, and found several online groups of writers. I’m still not sure if I am doing enough or the right things. One book is doing fairly well. The other is about a week old so still too early to know. I have FaceBook ads and a few Amazon Ads, but at the moment I’m not on any other book platform, only Amazon as I signed up exclusive with them.

Is that a mistake? Probably but it seemed the easiest at the time and where I know most people get their books. I have to find out if at some point I can move from Amazon to other platforms like IngramSpark or D2D.

Still a lot to learn and a lot to do, but in the meantime, I will just keep writing away.

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