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Query letters are hard!

I know my book inside and out. I can tell you things about my characters that aren’t in the story. But for the life of me, I can’t seem to get my query letter just right. Or maybe it is good, but agents aren’t feeling what I’m putting out there.

I have followed the formats online. An opening with book title, word count, genre. Then a synopsis on the book; like you would find on the back cover and then a writer’s bio. Only I don’t have a bio as a writer… yet.

I do belong to a number of Associates, but I don’t have any publishing credits, no articles and barely even a blog to follow. For my genres, I don’t NEED to have an online following but it helps. And, I do have a small one on Twitter and a smaller one on FaceBook. Is that enough? Not good enough?

As July 27, I have started my own online Writing group. I’m hoping this can help me get some answers, network more and hopefully give me something to add to my writer bio. I might create a local, in person group too, but for now, online is my best option. I hope it takes off. I love helping others and hope that together we can form a little community of support that is more private and we can learn from each other.

So back to the query letter… what is it that I’m missing with my query letter? I don’t know. I hope to figure that out soon because I want to reach my goal of being published.


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