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A Medium with a Heart Series

When Joanna regains here psychic powers, it starts a whole new direction for her career, assisting the local police with murder cases. Letting her research skills lead the way, Joanna’s caring and generous spirit plus her natural curiosity get her in a lot of trouble and put her right in the thick of things.

As of August 26, 2023, I have redone all the covers on the Medium with a Heart Series. They are bright and shiny. I hope you enjoy. Thank you!

Premedicated Murder

The first in the Medium with a Heart Series. See how it all started.

When JOANNA WEBBER’s husband dies in a drunk driving crash, six years ago, he leaves behind a pile of debt and a ton of lies. To dig herself out of the financial hole he left, she hatches a plan to become a medium. Why not? She has the experience, well, sort of. Years ago, she blocked her psychic powers to save her sanity. In all the years since she never figured out how to regain them which initially has her leaning on her research skills to fake readings.

When, a local pharmaceutical executive, JEREMY LANDON contacts her to help solve a murder, she is stunned by the request since she is a medium not a detective and doesn’t feel she has the proper experience or skills to investigate a murder, except maybe one – she’s the only one who can see him.

Replicated Murder

Joanna is at it again, investigating a murder or in this case murders, in the second book of the Medium with a Heart series.

The town of Creekview is reeling from a series of gruesome murders. As the number of victims rises, with few clues and no suspects, detectives turn to Joanna, the Medium with a Heart, to help solve the case. Joanna feels ill-equipped, but could she refuse the sexy detective’s plea? As she digs into the case, bizarre things begin happening. The usually trusting Joanna begins to suspect she is the next victim, and almost anyone could be the Playhouse Killer.

Organized Murder

Joanna Webber is back in Book 3, Organized Murder, and putting herself right in the thick of finding a killer.

After her husband Ted’s death six years ago, she is finally ready to visit his grave. Having never been able to reconnect with him in the afterlife, even after regaining her psychic powers, her plan B is to go tell off his headstone. She’s hoping for the closure she has never been able to get.

He surprisingly appears at the cemetery and tells her the truth about his death. The new version includes not one, not two, but three organized crime families. One he worked for, and two that potentially had him killed.

In the end, the closure she craves comes from a place she never expected.

Lots of lies. A shooting. A move to both a new office and a new house. Plus, an engagement. This one has it all.

Inherited Murder

Over the past year, Joanna has formed an unexpected friendship with the local mob boss, Hank the Hammer Hammersley. He has come to her rescue a number of times and has been one of her biggest supporters. Yet she hasn’t been able to reciprocate with the one thing he wants most; to reconnect with his mother.

That day has finally come.

However, it may not be the happy reunion Hank had hoped for when he learns about a long-buried family secret, two potential murders, and that he may be the heir to a vast fortune.

Joanna’s hands are tied, and she can’t investigate the claims as she’s promised her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Clint Hartley that she would stay out of danger. Especially now that his job is in jeopardy.

But can she help it if the prime suspects keep coming to her?

Crafted Murder

Birdsong has everything an active senior could want, including the one thing nobody wants, murder.

After Joanna’s father falls from the roof, she’s on a mission to get her parents into a Senior Living Community, so she doesn’t have to worry about him climbing on the roof or her mother cleaning an enormous house any longer.

She knows the perfect one: Birdsong Senior Living Community.

It has many amenities, including arts and crafts, yoga, water aerobics, and more. The one thing that isn’t in their beautiful brochure is murder. Yet, here it is, finding Joanna once again as not one but two ghosts approach her.

As she is trying to figure out the murder and keep her parents safe, she is also trying to sort out her love life. When the murderer makes an attempt on Jo’s life, she finally figures it all out, the murders and her love life. Now she needs to keep everyone alive until she can prove it.

Destined Murder

It’s time for a wedding, but love is under attack. Joanna must find the killer to save her best friend’s wedding.

Joanna, Clint, Oakley, and the whole gang travel to a beachy resort island in the Florida Keys to celebrate Micah and Josh’s wedding. A week of water sports and fruity drink is just what Joanna calls fun.

The island does not disappoint with white sand beaches to the crystal blue water. It’s just how Micah and Josh described it. However, hearing the whispers of the staff to seeing spirits walking the island, it becomes clear that something is going on here.

This may not be the vacation she was expecting, especially as wedding guests, including one of the grooms and Joanna.

Can she figure out the who the murderer is before it’s too late?


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